About TST

Our history

TST is a spin-off of the University of Cantabria´s Network Planning and Mobile Communications Laboratory, an experienced group of telecom engineers with over 15 years doing research on wireless communications, sensor networks and IoT platforms. The company was founded in 2007 as the conjunction of entrepreneurs coming from the academic university world and business people with a long experience in starting up technology-driven companies.

Our goal is to provide you Internet of Things products to help you to create innovative remote control applications in the most energy efficient and economic way. We become smart any urban or industrial infrastructure allowing you to significantly reduce your operation costs.

Skills and expertise


Custom hardware design, prototyping, production, testing and validation.


Communication protocols, network and device management, security mechanisms.


Desktop, server and mobile applications.


Technology consulting, user training, network maintenance.

Management team

Juan Becerro


Physics Graduate with a Master Degree in Electronics; Executive-MBA by I.E and Logistics&Manufacturing Postgraduate by AT&T School of Business. Solid experience in management (15+ years) in technological international companies. As TST CEO, I´m responsible of the development of business strategy and the implementation of the company’s long and short term plans.

Aránzazu Sanz

Operations Manager

Telecommunications Engineer with a long career (15+ years) in wireless industry, holding technical and management roles on a wide variety of mobile network roll-out projects. As Operations Manager I´m responsible for running the day-to-day activities and the resources management to ensure the on-time delivery of our IoT products and services with the quality expected by the customers.

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