Bluetooth marketing in Santander

Within the program Ciudades Singulares, cofinanced by the regional Goverment of Cantabria and by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, TST has deployed in Santander city a Bluetooth network with 15 access points distributed through the city of Santander to inform citizens about events, activities and other actual issues in the city. Each access points supports up to 21 simultaneous transmissions to cellular phones with Bluetooth technology, and has a range of 30 to 100 meters. Using this network, the city hall has performed several informative campaigns achieving more than 140.000 downloads in one year.

TST has also developed a mobile application that can be downloaded from the Bluetooth access points and displays on a simple and intuitive way all the information provided by the access point.

The Bluetooth network is managed through a friendly application enabled to schedule campaigns, data management, network monitoring, and statistic data as the cellular phones models, the ratio of sent vs. accepted invitations, the most successful hotspots with regard of traffic or downloads, and even more advanced statistics.