Control and Communication system in buoy

The company Wedge Global has developed a wave energy system, extracting energy from ocean waves and proceeding with their subsequent conversion into electrical energy. A point absorber has been devised with a different approach than what is usual, that is, power generation based on a linear switched reluctance machine directly coupled to the movable parts of the absorber, thereby improving the overall yield of the process compared the hydraulic solution.

TST has developed the communications system of the buoy with the ground control center. The system is based on radio transmission via modems, working on European ISM band, for the signals transmission regarding the monitoring and control (measures and alarms, setpoint signals, action commands, etc.) between the two parts of the system are included.

By using a web friendly interface the user can check, easily and in real time, the data of interest to evaluate the performance offered by the buoy, while offering the ability to perform a simple remote reprogramming mode.