Francisco Alcalá, CEO of TST Sistemas, participates in TEDxUNAV 2020

Francisco Alcalá, CEO of TST Sistemas, will participate next March 12th in TEDxUNAV, an event organized by the Economics, Leadership and Governance students of the University of Navarra. The event will be held at the Museo Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona.

Francisco Alcalá will give the conference entitled “The connected society facing the challenge of sustainable development” and will share the stage with five other speakers who will reflect on the proposed challenge: The future of humanity in relation to sustainable development.

According to the organizers, today’s society lives in a very dynamic world in which it is sometimes difficult to perceive reality as it is. Globalization and new technologies have given rise to an increasingly intertwined and complex reality. With this conference, students intend to provide information and points of view that will allow them to understand the complexity of the digital society.

The speakers that make up the complete program of TEDxUNAV 2020 are:

  • Francisco Alcalá, CEO of TST Sistemas
  • Antonio Argandoña, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Business Ethics at IESE
  • Armando Rodriguez, President of COCEM and Vice President of Madrid Foro Empresarial
  • Beatriz Delfa Rodríguez, head of Social Innovation at Netexplo, a global observatory that has been analyzing trends in the digital world since 2007
  • José Antonio Ferrer, head of the Energy Efficiency Research Unit at CIEMAT
  • Josepe Garcia, Speaker & Director of the Impact Institute

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an American non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of innovative ideas. TED is widely known for its annual conference (TED Conference) and lectures (TED Talks). TEDx events, on the other hand, are independently organized conferences under an exclusive license from TED.

Francisco Alcalá’s lecture at TEDxUNAV 2020 will be at 7pm.

More information on the congress website