Contactless communication

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short range (about 10 cm), high frequency (13.56 MHz) wireless communication technology that allows data exchange between two NFC devices within range.

This standard has been defined by the NFC Forum, led by Philips, Nokia and Sony. The great attractive of NFC technology is its ease of use; by simply bringing two NFC devices closed to each other the exchange of data is established without the need to configure the connection manually. NFC standard encompasses the RFID technology, therefore NFC devices working in card emulation profile are fully compatible with the RFID infrastructure.

In typical use cases one of the NFC devices that forms the connection will be a cellular phone. The most important mobile phone manufacturers have already NFC-enabled smartphones in their portfolio. The applications that arise from this scenario are mobile payment (e.g. Google Wallet), access control, NFC tickets for events and concerts, mobile payment in public transportation, smart posters, and many more.

TST has also developed a NFC module for its wireless communication platform TSmarT. Making use of this NFC module, TST has created the SupplyBox, which includes a NFC card reader and makes a replacement order via GPRS, Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet when an article is about to expire at a hospital´s warehouse. This system has been installed at Sabadell Hospital and San Sebastian Hospital.

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