OrganiCity kick-off at Aarhus

The H2020 European project OrganiCity has been kicked-off today in Aarhus, Denmark. OrganiCity targets a new paradigm to European digital city making. Built on and extending the FIRE legacy, this project seeks to build a strong foundation for future sustainable cities through co-creation by a wide range of stakeholders. Globally, Europe is a champion of sustainable, inclusive and open societies. The digital age enables us to push this position further and to rethink the way we create cities and facilitate living by integrating many complex systems.

Three clusters – Aarhus (Denmark), London (United Kingdom) and Santander (Spain) – recognised for their digital urban initiatives, will bring their various stakeholders together into a coherent effort to develop an integrated Experimentation-as-a-Service facility respecting ethical and privacy sensitivities and potentially improving the lives of millions of people.

TST will work on Santander cluster together with City Hall and University of Cantabria.