The main target of the INMA Project is the development of a K-band ground terminal enabled to work with the Inmarsat new satellites and being compatible with the rest of the current satellite constellations. It will be a very innovative product which will allow multi-media communication with ground vehicles in motion; the terminal will cover the Ka-Band service segment which has shown an increasing development in recent years.

The development provides different kind ot technologies due to the multi-function nature of the terminal (antenna, RF, DC, digital systems, real-time software).


The Terminal will be able to track the satellite in an independent way of the vehicle movement, performing full-duplex communication. The basic architecture will provide a flat antenna which combines electronic and mechanical alignment (hybrid or electro-mechanic antenna), taking advantage of the both qualities and bringing like that a low profile and moderate cost system without compromise on features and reliability.


  • TTI (Líder)
  • MDU
  • TST

Start: July 2012
Duration: 18 months

Project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce under the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011, the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund. File: TSI-020602-2012-22

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