Santander will launch a mobile application to enhance the activity of the food and beverage industry

On Monday morning the City Council of Santander, through its Councillor for Tourism, has announced the launch, during the second half of 2014, of a mobile application designed to enhance the activity of the local hospitality sector. Through said application restaurateurs will have the ability to inform potential customers of their latest news and promotions in a direct and simple way. At the same time, users will receive ads in their terminals to inform them about those news and promotions, trying to encourage his assistance to the local offering it.

TST is responsible for developing this platform in conjunction with the Bank of Santander and the City Council of the city of Santander. The work will be framed within the European project BUTLER, focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), in which seventeen partners from seven countries are taking part.

The objective is to conduct a pilot test in the spring of 2014, facing the final release of the application in July.