New TSmarT API release featuring new WiFi, cellular and several IoT/M2M middleware support

TST introduces a new version of their API to work with the TSmarT platform, the modular communications system that enables the fast integration and prototyping of any IoT or M2M application.

Many peripherals and technologies are already supported by the platform, and by the 1.6 version of the TSmarT API it enhances the support with the following features:

  1. Support for the most important IoT and M2M middlewares available in the market
    • Xively support: The service —formerly known as Cosm and Pachube in its beta form— is designed to help companies simplify the development of a new generation of connected products that can be quickly deployed on the IoT, easily interact with other connected offerings, and effortlessly scale to billions of devices
    • Carriots support: Enables the creation of new products and services by connecting objects to the Internet and creating applications for them on Carriots. Their objetive is to make easy to collect data from different devices and build apps for them by creating triggers and scripting rules.
    • Cumulocity support: Open, application centric, free to try. Their mission is to make mobile machine-to-machine applications profitable for all businesses through ready-made, cloud subscription services.
  2. Sierra Wireless AirPrime support
    • With the premise to offer to our clients the most robust and reliable devices, TST introduces to their portfolio the Sierra Wireless AirPrime solutions. Initially centered on the SL series, GPRS technology based, in order to introduce later the support for UMTS and HSxPA modules. The TSmarT AirPrime SL6087 expansion module is already on sale.
  3. Texas Instruments TI CC3000 support
    • IoT and M2M has build roots on top of WSN technologies, but legacy WiFi technologies have the widest deployments and new low cost solutions are appearing in the market every day. TST is one of the first companies in the world to add support in their products for the new TI CC3000 from Texas Instruments. This deviced, recently launched, is having an unprecedented success as it brings TCP/IP capabilities over WiFi at low cost. TST is offering a TSmarT expansion module with TI CC3000 support.

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