TST has developed for the company HLL the SupplyBox product, designed to optimize healthcare logistics.

The SupplyBox is a device similar to a mailbox with TST technology embedded. The SupplyBox incorporates a NFC reader that recognizes medicament tags that nurses insert when an article is about to expire. The device extracts the data from the NFC tag and automatically makes a replacement order to HLL’s software managing the logistics in the warehouse. The communication between the SupplyBox and HLL’s ERP server is done via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or UTMS.

The system has been installed at Sabadell´s hospital (83 SupplyBox) and San Sebastian´s hospital (60 equipos).

These devices are managed through a web interface that provides access to the configuration and statistics of each SupplyBox.

TST has also developed two different Windows Mobile mobile apps, one of them to optimize logistics in hospital facilities and the other one to assist health staff
The logistics application makes use of the barcode reader available in the Honeywell smartphone to track assets in the hospital logistic processes: medicines received in the warehouse, distribution of goods among the different floors, etc. Each transfer is then communicated to the ERP server of HLL using Wi-Fi and/or GPRS technology..


The application provides a support service to the medical staff indicating the items needed for each operation according to the established protocols. The information displayed is received in real-time from the ERP server of HLL through webservices and SOAP.