TST presents the application for Smart Shopping developed within BUTLER FP7 project.

The technical results of european project BUTLER have been shown at Magdalena Palace, with Santander´s mayor Iñigo de la Serna giving the opening speech.

BUTLER (uBiquitous, secUre inTernet-of-things with Location and contEx-awaReness) is a 3 years FP7 project with nearly 10 million euros of funding and more than 20 partners coming from 8 european countries.

It´s the first european project focused in the integration of different technologies to enable the development of Internet of Things applications. The advanced BUTLER platform has been created to optimize the processing and analysis of location and context-aware information collected from multiple sources, assuring the digital security, smart resource management, and from a user/service perspective the pervasiveness (uniformity of performance anytime and anywhere) and awareness (inversely proportional to the degree of knowledge required from users).

As part of the Smart Shopping trial, TST has worked together with the Santander City Hall and Bank of Santander in the development of a mobile application for retails and restaurants named “Santandercreaoferta”. By using the app the retailers will able to send real time promotions and special discounts based on context-aware information as density of users in an specific urban zone, parking space occupation or daily city events.