TST publishes the “M-Sec Cookbook”, a practical security guide for IoT developers

Within the scope of the M-Sec project, a technology collaboration between the EU and Japan, TST has coordinated the publication of a practical guide to help IoT developers create reliable and secure applications in the context of smart cities, a document that We have been titled “The M-Sec CookBook.”

The main objective of this guide is to present the security framework that has been developed by researchers from the European and Japanese consortium M-Sec over the past two years. Throughout the guide, design principles, methods, and techniques are presented as well as how the M-Sec solution works, which the researchers say will help other IoT developers minimize the risk of critical vulnerabilities in a wide range of applications and devices.

The main authors, Jin Nakazawa (Professor at Keio University) and Arturo Medela (Head of R&D at TST) have described, with the support of the rest of the partners, the components of M-Sec from five different aspects:
  • IoT security
  • Data-level and cloud security
  • P2P and blockchain level security
  • Application level security
  • General end-to-end security

Download here the M-Sec Cookbook.

This guide complements and builds on a previous White Paper that presents the general architecture of M-Sec and is shown as a viable solution to overcome today’s top IoT security issues (more information on the project blog).