Waste managemet with TST and Hirisens technology

The public basque waste management company Garbiker has presented a pilot project with our partner Hirisens, a leading company on the integration of IoT solutions. This pilot will allow Hirisens to showcase the functionalities of their integrated waste management solution in the basque village of Gorliz. The pilot will use our waste level sensor TSwasTe.

Garbiker has showed their great interest in studying the viability of such innovative technologies in order to be able to provide a better service to the citizens and optimize the usage of public resources. They also want to support the development of the local IoT ecosystem, where Hirisens is a key actor. The data gathered by the sensors will be integrated into Hirisens innovative IoT platform and Garbiker will use the data to identify improvement points in their service and create of profile of the typical user of their services.