Wireless internet access

Wi-Fi is a wireless communication standard designed for transmission of multimedia contents in local area networks at high bitrates. The greatest advantage of Wi-Fi is its fully integration with the TCP/IP stack.

This standard has been promoted by the Wi-Fi Alliance, a consortium of companies founded in 1999 by Nokia. Wi-Fi allows sending data with bitrates up to 300 Mbps between neighbour devices with a typical range of 50 meters.

Typical applications for Wi-Fi are internet access at home and offices. Nevertheless there are many applications for Wi-Fi networks, e.g. as backbone for Smart Cities.

TST has deep knowledge of Wi-Fi technology. The wireless communication platform TSmarT integrates a Wi-Fi module to transmit data over this standard.

TST implements Wi-Fi connectivity in most of your IoT products, gateways, repeaters and Smart City sensors.

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